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  • Demon Slayer’s Success: How a Smaller Cast Size Makes a Bigger Impact

    Demon Slayer can focus on its main characters, unlike other shonen titles like My Hero Academia. Demon Slayer was a mainstream shonen anime that has been incredibly popular over the last ten years. This series epitomizes what success means in shonen. The strength of story’s small but solid cast of characters is its greatest strength. While the story […]

  • Chaos Reigns as The Joker Takes Over the Streets of Los Angeles with Hilarious Results

    Los Angeles riot of The Joker highlights the flexibility and versatility of the Clown Princes of Crime, which sets him apart from other DC Universe villains. The following contains spoilers for the Joker: The man who stopped laughing#6 is now available from DC Comics. The Joker is often considered one of the greatest villains in comics. The […]

  • John Wick’s Impossible Task, Explained

    John Wick was once a highly-trained assassin who left his life to complete an “Impossible Task”, which had fatal consequences. John Wick is a notorious assassin and bogeyman, but he did one thing: he left all that behind. He lived briefly as a peaceful, quiet married man before he was forced to return to violence. Ironically, John was […]

  • Charizard May Reign Supreme Once More with Pokemon Scarlet and Violet’s Tera Form Leaks

    There is a rumor that Tera Forms will be added to Pokemon Scarlet and Violet DLC. This rumor would likely be confirmed by a familiar face. The next year of Pokemon Harlet as well as Vivid content has been revealed. Integration with Pokemon GOLD, Pokemon HOLD, and Pokemon SLAY has begun to roll in. In addition, new Paradox Pokemon have been […]

  • Shazam! Fury of the Gods to Feature LGBTQ+ Member of the Shazamily Confirms Writer

    Shazam! Henry Gayden, Fury of the Gods author, reveals that a member of the World’s Mightiest Family (an element he fought to protect) is gay. Pedro Pena, a Shazam Family member has been confirmed gay in Shazam! Henry Gayden, the DC movie’s co-writer and director of Fury of the Gods. Gayden discussed Pedro’s sexual orientation during an […]

  • Detective Pikachu Sequel Lands an Unexpected Director

    Jonathan Krisel, co-creator of Portlandia, is currently in talks to purchase the Pokemon Detective Pikachu sequel from Rob Letterman. The eagerly awaited Pokemon Detective Pikachu sequel is currently in the final stage of its director. According to Deadline, Jonathan Krisel has been in talks with Legendary Pictures to take over the direction of the sequel to smash 2019. Krisel is […]

  • The Battle for the Universe: Power Rangers Cosmic Fury vs. Lord Zedd’s Army

    A new Power Rangers report confirmed that one of the Fury Rangers will join forces with Lord Zedd during the 30th season. This article contains spoilers about Power Rangers Cosmic Fury. It is scheduled to debut on Netflix in 2023. According to a new report, Power Rangers Cosmic Fury will see Ollie Akana (Blue Cosmic Fury Ranger) join […]

  • REPORT: Sydney Sweeney Is Playing Marvel’s Second Spider-Woman in Madame Web

    Sydney Sweeney, Madame Web’s star, is reportedly going to play Julia Carpenter in the forthcoming Sony Spider-Man Universe movie. Euphoriastar Sydney Sweney’s character has been revealed in the upcoming Sony Spider-Man Universe film Madame Web. Jeff Sneider, a trusted industry insider and host of The Hot Mic podcast says that Sweeney will portray “the second” Spider-Woman in Madame Web. Marvel […]

  • Outrage Among Dragon Ball Fans as Female Characters are Limited to Housewife Roles

    Akira Toriyama, the writer of Dragon Ball Super Chapter 2, is making fans furious because of his frequent domestic treatment of his female characters. Akira Toriyama’s Dragon Ball franchise is one of anime/manga’s most popular. But, fans are furious at his treatment of female characters in the new chapter. Dragon Ball Super’s most recent manga chapter has faced […]

  • New Earlier Release Date Announced for Super Mario Bros. Movie

    Super Mario Bros. Movie release day is closer than expected, but it’s not by much, to the dismay of Nintendo Fans who can’t wait. The Super Mario Bros. Movie date has been moved a few weeks. Universal Pictures made the announcement just one month prior to the movie’s scheduled release date. The change will, reportedly, affect […]

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