Stranger Things Prequel Trailer Sets Up Vecna’s Ominous Origin Story

The trailer teaser for Stranger Things: The First Shadow reveals that the live-stage production will focus on Vecna who is the antagonist of the series. The teaser trailer of the Stranger Things live stage show has been made public. It is confirmed that it’s a un prequel that focuses on Vecna’s dark story of origin. The […]

Shazam! Fury of the Gods Fails to Meet the First Film’s Box Office Opening

The Shazam! The sequel has been a massive success, yet it is only bringing in half the revenue of the first 2019 film. It appears that Shazam! the momentum of the weekend premiere for Fury of Gods the titular gods is not enough to compete with the previous film. The sequel from DC Comics that adapts the […]

Jirachi Gets a Paradox Form Thanks to a Pokemon Fan’s Creativity

A Pokemon Scarlett and Violet Pokemon player shows off their Paradox form, which they designed for the Gen 3 Mythical pocket beast Jirachi. A Fan shared a Paradox Form they had made for Jirachi. Since the introduction of certain forms for pocket monsters in Generation 9, many fans have been creating their own. Paradox Pokemon has been a popular franchise. […]

Pokémon Exec Explains Why Ash Didn’t Start With Charmander, Squirtle, or Bulbasaur

Kunihiko Yuyama, Pokemon’s executive director, explains the reason Ash began his adventure by playing with Pikachu and not with one of the Kanto players. Pokemon Executive Director Kunihiko Yuyama finally gave a behind-the-scenes explanation of how Ash Ketchum, the anime’s protagonist, began his adventure with Pikachu and not with one of the three main Pokemon in […]

One Piece: How Did Luffy Defeat Charlotte Katakuri?

Did Luffy’s victory in One Piece’s most controversial fight actually earned or was it simply plot armor? Luffy has faced many enemies throughout the more than 1,000 chapters of One Piece. Each has distinct combat styles and skills. Some of his foes were easy to defeat while others posed a bigger threat. The fight he waged against Charlotte […]

One Piece: The Alternate Timeline Where Luffy Became a Red Hair Pirate

Before Luffy started the Straw Hat Pirates in his imagination, he had always wanted to join Red Hair Pirates. What could have possibly happened to the One Piece world? One Piece is a story about the adventures of the Straw Hat Pirates. It is led and started by Emperor Monkey D. Luffy. Luffy wanted to be a pirate […]

Exploring Harry Potter’s Wand Cores: Understanding Their Unique Characteristics

Harry Potter uses elements from magical creatures to imbue wands with magical powers. But they can have different effects. The moment a young wizard or witch collects their first wand is the most significant. The moment the wand picks the wizard, whether it is at Ollivanders or another wand maker on mainland Europe or America will […]

Why the Successor to LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga Should Emulate Hogwarts Legacy

Recently, TT Games confirmed that several projects had been canceled. Now the company’s focus is on a LEGO Harry Potter game. TT Games held almost complete control over LEGO’s video game market for nearly 20 years. It has released many licensed titles, ranging from LEGO Star Wars to LEGO Batmanto LEGO Marvel, and everything in between. The LEGO Star Wars was the […]

The Imbalanced Rivalry: Luffy vs. Kid and Law in One Piece

Monkey D. Luffy and Eustass Kid are supposed to be in a three-way competition, but it ends up being more lopsided than it is supposed. These spoilers are for One Piece chapter 1076 “Old Friends,” written by Eiichiro Oda, Stephen Paul, and Vanessa Satone. Viz Media has English translations. One Piece juxtaposes Monkey D. Luffy Eustass Kid […]

Demon Slayer’s Success: How a Smaller Cast Size Makes a Bigger Impact

Demon Slayer can focus on its main characters, unlike other shonen titles like My Hero Academia. Demon Slayer was a mainstream shonen anime that has been incredibly popular over the last ten years. This series epitomizes what success means in shonen. The strength of story’s small but solid cast of characters is its greatest strength. While the story […]