Pokémon Introduces Captain Pikachu in the First Trailer For Its Post-Ash Series

Pokemon drops a new trailer for its new Horizons anime, offering fans a closer look at the franchise’s new protagonists as well as Captain Pikachu.

The Pokemon Company just dropped a new trailer for Pokemon Horizons the latest installment in the series that begins a new saga without the iconic character Ash Ketchum.

The trailer focuses on Liko, a new trainer who embarks on her Pokemon journey to discover herself and discover the truth about an unidentified pendant that may connect her to some of the most powerful pocket beasts found in the Paldea area. The adorable friend Sprigatito is with her, and Roy (a fellow trainer who possesses a bizarre Pokeball ) is determined to take on “the Pokemon from legends”.

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The trailer showcases the new protagonists and some supporting characters from Horizons. Special attention is paid to the Rising Volteckers. Professor Fried is the leader of a group of researchers who travel all over the world in an airship to study Pokemon. Captain Pikachu is his partner in crime. It’s unclear how this team will be integrated into the story however it is likely that they will assist Liko_ and Roy as they travel across Paldea.

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While Pokemon Horizons’plot isn’t fully understood, one thing that fans have not accepted is Ash Ketchum’s departure. Ash Ketchum was the show’s principal character for more than two decades. After finally being the Pokemon champion in late 2022, the popular character concluded his story in a couple of emotional episodes before officially disappearing into the sunset. It’s unclear at present if the new characters will have a direct link to Ash However, many fans are convinced Liko is Ash’s daughter as well as Horizonsis set many years after the initial trainer’s narrative concluded.

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In keeping with the earlier Pokemon anime adaptations, Horizons will whisk audiences away to the Paldea region, a location that was introduced in the most recent Pokemon games Scarlet and Violet. Fans will see Liko, Roy, and their new companions encounter familiar and brand-new pocket monsters. They’ll be able to meet the leaders scattered around Paldea.

An official release date has been set is set for Pokemon Horizons: The series is scheduled to premiere on April 14. The entire series is available on Netflix. the previous seasons on Netflix.

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