One Piece: The Alternate Timeline Where Luffy Became a Red Hair Pirate

Before Luffy started the Straw Hat Pirates in his imagination, he had always wanted to join Red Hair Pirates. What could have possibly happened to the One Piece world?

One Piece is a story about the adventures of the Straw Hat Pirates. It is led and started by Emperor Monkey D. Luffy. Luffy wanted to be a pirate from the time he was a kid. Shanks and his merry band form a close bond with Luffy. The Red Hair Pirates have made Cocoyashi Village their headquarters. Luffy loves the pirates so much that many times he asks to join them. Shanks isn’t fond of taking children on dangerous expeditions. This doesn’t stop the young boy, however, from pestering Shanks. The world of One Piece might be different if Shanks allowed Luffy to join the crew.

Red Hair Pirates is one of the most famous pirate crews in. The pirate crew of one Four Emperors is it, after all. The Red Hair Pirates had already established themselves in Grand Line as well as New World by the time Luffy meets Shanks. Their journey would be quite different from that of the Straw Hat Pirates, even if Luffy joined them. It would also completely change One Piece‘s story, as viewers already know it.

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The Straw Hat Pirates’ Fates Would Be Miserable

Luffy is not just the Straw Hat Pirates’ leader by name. He embarks on his pirate adventures without any crewmates. Only recruits his companions along this route. It’s not as simple as posting a job advertisement. He makes a significant impact on his fellow crew members’ lives by getting up close and personal. Luffy’s recruitment process is usually a simple one: He extends an invitation and helps the new person, then he extends that invitation. But sometimes he skips this step and gets straight to the saving. If Luffy were to join the Red Hair Pirates, then the Straw Hats’ early years would have been a disaster.

This is true of most Straw Hats. Nami might still be working as a translator for Arlong if Luffy had not come along. Otherwise, her entire village would have been defeated by the Arlong Pirates. Without Luffy and Co.’s intervention, Captain Kuro would have pulled off his clever scheme. Brook would most likely be drifting along the Florian Triangle’s waters, the Baratie being one of Don Kurt’s unfortunate ships. There is a good chance Zoro could have fallen from Helmeppo, and Jimbei might still be stuck at Impel Down. Robin and Franky would likely have been the crew members with the best fates. Crocodile would likely keep Robin busy deciphering Poneglyphs other than his own, while Franky could continue to be a ruffian at Water 7 if the World Government didn’t catch him.

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The Major Forces at Seas Will Largely Remain the Identical

It’s an understatement of words to say that the Straw Hat Pirates caused trouble in the Two Piece. They are responsible in large numbers for shifts of power between the major powers ruling over the oceans. Luffy, the gang, and other characters have already taken out Warlords even in the early days of the series. Crocodile is the first victim of the Straw Hats’ interference. Luffy and Co. then attack Gecko Moraia and Donquixote Donflamingo. They don’t stop there. They sail further into New World where the Straw Hats sabotage and kill Emperors. They do not just escape Big Mom’s Whole Cake Island, but they also take Kaido to Wano Country.

All of this wouldn’t have happened if Luffy hadn’t joined the Red Hair Pirates so early in the story. The Warlords would not have had as long a reign without the Straw Hat Pirates. Crocodiles Moria and Doflamingo are likely to continue doing their bidding. Even if the World Government abolished the system, they would still be more than capable to defend themselves. Blackbeard’s rise up to the Emperor level is undoubtedly inevitable. But Kaido, Big Mom, and Big Mom would still be in contention to become Pirate King if Luffy was not there. Law and Kid don’t have the chance to defeat either one of the Emperors. They would be taken under Big Mom or Kaido’s command, similar to what happened with the other members of the Worst Generation.

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Shanks Is the Most Likely Candidate To Become The Pirate King

Luffy’s most frequent level-ups happen during a fight, or when he tries to save his comrades. He has had to fight many death-and-life battles before he can reach his current level. It would have been logical that he wouldn’t have had the same experiences in the Red Hair Pirates as he did in One Piece. That doesn’t mean Luffy wouldn’t be stronger. If Luffy had joined the Red Hair Pirates early, he would have been able to learn from Shanks to become stronger.

Although joining the Red Hair Pirates would change the fact Luffy is a Devil Fruit, it wouldn’t change that Luffy has the Human-Human Fruit, Model Nika. It’s only a matter of time before Luffy awakens its powers. Luffy might have joined Red Hair Pirates as an infant, so his Awakening may have occurred sooner than the timeline. Shanks, with another Emperor-level Pirate working under his guidance, would be the most likely candidate as the Pirate King. At this point, they can only be stopped if there are alliances between Emperors and the entire Marine Force.

Luffy’s status as a Red Hair Pirates member means that he would be able to make important alliances. Shanks would have welcomed Luffy into his pirate crew already. Luffy could then gradually form and lead a brigade sailing under Red Hair Pirates Jolly Roger. It’s similar to Ace being the Whitebeard Pirates’ second-division commander.

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