Chaos Reigns as The Joker Takes Over the Streets of Los Angeles with Hilarious Results

Los Angeles riot of The Joker highlights the flexibility and versatility of the Clown Princes of Crime, which sets him apart from other DC Universe villains.

The following contains spoilers for the Joker: The man who stopped laughing#6 is now available from DC Comics.

The Joker is often considered one of the greatest villains in comics. The Clown Prince of Crime, who has been around since Batman was in his early days, has experienced just as much evolution as his constant foe — eventually becoming a more terrifying figure. Other mass media versions of Joker have had a lot of success with their different take on the Joker. The comic book version is just as entertaining.

The Joker #6 (by Matthew Rosenberg and Carmine Di Giandomenico), sees the Joker starting a violent riot that many stories would not take seriously. This issue is a comedy by the creators of the series. It’s a great reminder of the Joker’s versatility and humanity as a character.

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With an explosive exit, The Joker returns to Gotham

The plot is largely dramatic in The Joker. The Man Who Stopped Laughing. There have been moments of humor, but the series is a study of the character of a man who believes that he is The Joker. This “real” Joker moved to Los Angeles after getting tired of Gotham. With the news that his counterpart has been arrested, he decides it is time to head home. However, he launches an attack against LA. He decimates multiple precincts and starts a riot. Joker initially enjoys this twist of events, and he has a private aircraft waiting to take him out of the chaos. It turns out, that instead of flying from Burbank airport (where he was), and his henchmen flew the plane to LAX.

It is hilarious as the Joker tries to navigate Los Angeles’ burning streets, while fully aware that he set the match. It’s possible for the comic to take on the horror elements of its predecessor and its past issues. It could be an exciting action story in which Joker strives to stay ahead of his peers. The drama could have focused on the city’s reaction to an attack by supervillains. The issue instead plays up the chaos to create a dark comedy full of punchlines and deaths.

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DC Makes the Joker Again Fun

The Joker has been many things. The Joker has been able to change between terrifying, funny, and pathetic in just a few scenes. This is partly why he is so adaptable and enduring in pop culture. In the last decade, however, the Joker has been defined by his ability to inspire fear. Joker stories often focus on his frightening personality and ability to devastate entire cities using one plan, or simply emerge from the shadows. The Joker: The Man Who Never Stopped Laughing #6 was refreshingly different.

He complains about LA traffic but becomes impressed by the chaos. He is reluctantly forced to take pictures with a Batman-clad man on Sunset Boulevard. The unassuming tourists are entertained until he kills “Batman.” Even his unsuccessful attempt to get a taxi turns out to be comical. This is one of the many Joker stories that help him stand out from all the other serial killers in Gotham. He has a unique personality that villains such as Professor Pyg, Zsasz, and others can’t match. This bizarre depth of character given to a seemingly straightforward villain is why he’s so captivating. Joker’s ability to have fun is something that’s been missing from modern stories. It’s great that he’s regaining that energy.

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