John Wick’s Impossible Task, Explained

John Wick was once a highly-trained assassin who left his life to complete an “Impossible Task”, which had fatal consequences.

John Wick is a notorious assassin and bogeyman, but he did one thing: he left all that behind. He lived briefly as a peaceful, quiet married man before he was forced to return to violence. Ironically, John was able to escape from violence at one time, but it came with a horrible price.

All of the events in the John Wick movies are based on the completion of an “Impossible Task” by the protagonists. Although it gave him the opportunity to briefly see the first film, it also led directly to what would happen in the second and third films. Although this mission gave John Wick Heaven on Earth for a brief time, it would soon return to him and make his life hell. Here’s the fourth John Wise movie.

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John Wick Was a Happily Married Man Because of ‘The Impossible Task.

John Wick was born in Jardani Jovanovich in the Soviet Union. He would eventually make his way to America and join Ruska Roma. John became a notorious hitman who joined Viggo Tarasov’s mob. John was subsequently beaten to death. John thought this was a great life, but he had second thoughts after he met Helen. He fell in love with Helen and sought out a way to escape his chaotic, violent lifestyle. Viggo agreed to grant John his wish but had to make sure John completed an “Impossible Task.” To ensure they couldn’t regroup or retaliate, he had to defeat Tarasov’s enemy in one night.

Tarasov didn’t believe Wick would be able complete the mission, so it is impossible to call it. John was able to rely on Santino D’Antonio for help, which provided him with the necessary resources to defeat Tarasov. John’s mission was accomplished, John was allowed to leave the Tarasov mob and continue living a life full of love and civility. Helen died from cancer shortly after. These events, however tragic, would not be the end of John’s troubles.

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The John Wick Sequels: An Impossible Task

After the events of the first Johnwick, the former assassin got back in action when he and one of the series’ dogs were attacked by Viggo Tarasov. John is not able to celebrate his victory long as D’Antonio returns from his life in John Wik: Chapter 2. He reminds John of the debt he owes for helping John accomplish the Impossible Task. He plans to have John kill Gianna D’Antonia to pay that debt. John is placed in the crosshairs of Santino by doing so. This threat is only intensified when John realizes the bounty he’s been given.

The Impossible Task was tragic because it did not ensure John’s happiness for long. Helen would have been killed anyway, leaving John in civilian retirement with a brief peace. Santino would eventually collect John’s debt. This forced John into an array of events that made him the most wanted man in the world. Santino was forced to assist John that night. His mission was unachievable, and the fallout cost was too high.

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