Charizard May Reign Supreme Once More with Pokemon Scarlet and Violet’s Tera Form Leaks

There is a rumor that Tera Forms will be added to Pokemon Scarlet and Violet DLC. This rumor would likely be confirmed by a familiar face.

The next year of Pokemon Harlet as well as Vivid content has been revealed. Integration with Pokemon GOLD, Pokemon HOLD, and Pokemon SLAY has begun to roll in. In addition, new Paradox Pokemon have been introduced as Tera Raid Battles. Many fans appreciate the constant updates to Pokemon Harlequin and Violet. This is especially important as they continue to polish the games. Pokemon trainers can also look forward to “The Hidden Treasure of Area Zero,” a two-part DLC expansion. The Teal Mask will be available in the fall, and The Indigo Disk in winter. These additions are certain to be thrilling, especially considering rumors and leaks.

The DLC’s first trailer was very well done, but the key artwork does not reveal much beyond a few new characters or Pokemon. There are only a few old Pokemon that will be returning in scarlet and violet‘s new DLC. No one knows what these DLC episodes contain. A trusted leaker suggests a new mechanic that either or both of these expansions will improve upon. It is worth noting that leaks should be taken with a grain, but it seems like Generation 1’s starter Charizard could be given another iteration if Tera Forms are created.

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Pokemon’s History of Charizard Getting from Gimmicks

Pokemon began using form-changing battle mechanisms in PokemonY. Mega Evolution revolutionized the world, offering certain fully-evolved Pokemon temporary evolutions by Mega Stones specific to certain species. Charizard was the only pair of Pokemon to have two evolutions, while Mewtwo and Mewtwo had the most. The special attention paid to Generation 1 was far from finished.

Z-Moves had priority in Mega Evolution and Moon. These gimmicks ended up in Pokemon Sword & Shield. Dynamaxing was introduced, which combined elements of Mega Evolution with Z-Moves but added a strict three-turn limit. These mechanics were still used by some old Pokemon. Generation 8 introduced a limited amount of Gigantamax Pokemon. This was similar to Dynamax, with new Mega Evolution-like forms for monsters. Charizard, Champion Leon’s top-ranked Pokemon, was included once more in this group.

Tera forms would be a good fit for Charizard’s special treatment

The rumor that special Tera Forms will be added to Pokemon Scarlet or Violet could prove true. This could lead to another repeat of this cycle. Crystallization was a unique mechanic that all Pokemon can use. It works in different ways depending on the Tera Type. Tera Forms have the potential, with slightly different rules, to be able to act just like Mega Evolutions, Gigantamax, or Gigantamax. Some Pokemon lines might get much-needed buffs but it’s more likely that a small group of highly popular Pokemon will once more hog the mechanic.

The role of Charizard in the anime gives it a strong chance. It seems Professor Friede will ride a Charizard mounted, according to promotional materials. The Fire/Flying-type Pokemon have been prominently featured in a Tera Raid battle event. ScarletViolet might see another Charizard with special forms as a raid boss in the future. Even though they are very popular, it can get tiresome to see the same old Pokemon featured in different titles. If Tera Forms turn out to be true, we can expect a variety of Pokemon to use them.

Pokemon Scarlet and violet can be found on Nintendo Switch.

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