REPORT: Sydney Sweeney Is Playing Marvel’s Second Spider-Woman in Madame Web

Sydney Sweeney, Madame Web’s star, is reportedly going to play Julia Carpenter in the forthcoming Sony Spider-Man Universe movie.

Euphoriastar Sydney Sweney’s character has been revealed in the upcoming Sony Spider-Man Universe film Madame Web.

Jeff Sneider, a trusted industry insider and host of The Hot Mic podcast says that Sweeney will portray “the second” Spider-Woman in Madame Web. Marvel Comics’ second In-Continuity Spider-Woman, Julia Carpenter, was Jessica Drew’s successor. Julia’s involvement in Sony’s Madame Web movie is particularly noteworthy considering that she succeeded Cassandra Webb.

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Madame Web is currently scheduled to be released in theaters next February, with production wrapping up this past January. Dakota Johnson plays the role of the clairvoyant. He first appeared in the 1980s Amazing Spider-Man #210. Sweeney joined the cast of Monsieur Web last March in an unspecified role. It’s not clear which Madame Web Johnson version would be playing, Cassandra Webb (or Julia Carpenter) – until now. Sneider reported that Sweeney may be playing Julia, which would confirm Johnson’s role as Cassandra.

Who is Marvel’s Julia Carpenter?”

Created by Jim Shooter and Mike Zeck, Julia Carpenter/Spider-Woman made her first full appearance in 1984’s Marvel Super Heroes #7. Julia initially wore a black-and-white suit, which served as inspiration for Peter Parker/Spider-Man’s symbiote suit. This suit was acquired by the original wall-crawler in Secret Wars #8. Julia was later known as Arachne in the pages of Ms. Marvel was Marvel’s 2006 debut before she took over the role of Madame Web in Amazing Spider-Man #637 in 2010.

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According to Sneider, Julia Carpenter will make her live-action debut in Madame next year. The character will make her big-screen debut in the anticipated animated film Spider-Man Across the Spider-Verse which opens next June. Jessica Drew, Marvel’s original Spider-Woman in-continuity Spider-Woman is one of the key players in the Spider-Verse sequel. The official poster confirms that Julia Carpenter’s Spider-Woman will also make an appearance.

Madame Web enters the Spider-Verse

Johnson and Sweeney are not the only stars of Madame Web. Celeste O’Connor and Isabela Merced star in the film. Mike Epps and Zosia Mamet also appear in the film. The official synopsis of the Sony/Marvel film reads: “The film will tell the story of the clairvoyant who has psychic abilities that allow her to see inside the spider world.”

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Sweeney is set to become a star in the world of comic book adaptations at Sony. Sweeney will play the lead role in the studio’s upcoming big-screen adaptation of Jean-Claude Forest’s Barbarella. Paramount Pictures released a Barbarellafilm with Jane Fonda in 1968.

Madame Web opens in theaters on February 16, 2024.

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