New Earlier Release Date Announced for Super Mario Bros. Movie

Super Mario Bros. Movie release day is closer than expected, but it’s not by much, to the dismay of Nintendo Fans who can’t wait.

The Super Mario Bros. Movie date has been moved a few weeks. Universal Pictures made the announcement just one month prior to the movie’s scheduled release date. The change will, reportedly, affect the US along with more than 60 international markets.

Mario was created for Nintendo by Shigeru Miyamoto in 1981. He is the mascot of the video game franchise. Super Mario Bros. shared many adventures. These included animated features, comic adaptations as well as a live-action ’90s movie, and many more. Nintendo used Twitter to announce a new animated Super Mario movie. This announcement was made in partnership with Despicable Me makers Illumination Studios. It received a lot of celebration and fanfare that reached across generations.

The Super Mario Bros. Movie release Date was set to release in 2022 by Nintendo. The movie was then moved forward to 2023. It will release on April 7th for all American and most international markets. A tweet from the official movie’s Twitter account changed the date of release from the 7th to the 6th of April. The movie will now be released on Wednesday. The tweet said, “Wahoo!” The #SuperMarioMovie will move from April 7 to April 5, in the US, and in more than 60 markets worldwide. Additional markets will have the film in theaters in April and may, while Japan will open on April 28.

The tweet provided no further information. Others speculate that it was done to make sure there was some parity across the markets and to manage spoilers. Fans have responded to the tweets to express delight at the company’s decision to cut down on the 5-year wait. Although the Super Mario Bros. Movie is reportedly short in runtime, it has generated high anticipation among its fans, who are well above the normal target demographic for animated features.

While there were some issues in the lead-up to the Super Mario Bros. Movie (such as not being contacted by the beloved voice actor Mario Charles Martinet), the film seems to have received a warm welcome from all demographics. The film will reveal how this will pan out and how it affects the earnings and rankings figures.

The Super Mario Bros. Movie will open in theaters starting April 5th, 2023.

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