Record of Ragnarok’s Jack the Ripper: A Grittier Rendition of Sasuke

Season 2 of Record of Ragnarok makes Jack the Ripper a more demented version of Sasuke of Naruto both in the field, and on a spiritual basis.

Spoilers for Ragnarok Episode 2 are contained in the following.

Netflix’s Records of Ragnarok fans were eager to see how Jack the Ripper would react in Season 2. Many associate him to the Victorian Era England misogynistic killer who murders women in a sadistic game. Therefore, it was a strange coincidence that the anime used Jack, a toxic male, as a hero during such culturally sensitive times.

Jack is a member of Brunhilde’s team . They battle the gods to save humanity. Although many wondered what Jack would do when faced with Hercules, they were not surprised. Records of Ragnarok swiftly levels Jack up, making him a more sinister take on Naruto‘s Uchiha Ranger in Sasuke.

Record of Ragnarok’s Jack the Ripper is Remixed by Sasuke in Eye

Sasuke’s Sharingan eye was used to determine people’s chakras in the Naruto or Boruto lore. It served him well in battle as well as when it came time to detect spies. This gave him a sixth sense. Jack is a similar ocular talent in Records of Ragnarok. He has been doing this since he was a child. However, his glowing eyes can sense people’s emotions. He can see people’s glow, and tell if they’re happy, scared, angry or scared. This is why he believed that his mother would be happy if he was there with her, despite her tragic and difficult life.

Unfortunately, it was a double-edged knife as it revealed Jack how much she really hated him for refusing to give them a better life. Jack was a woman-hater and Jack killed the woman because her love had turned to malice. Jack was driven down that dark hole by the loss of his family, just like Sasuke’s Uchiha clan. The Valkyrie, however, believes he did so for pleasure and not revenge.

Record of Ragnarok’s Jack the Ripper has Sasuke’s War Vibe

Sasuke is known for his war aesthetic in Naruto. He enjoys wearing his dark cloak and throwing his assortment of kunai at foes. Even more, he leaps around at lightning speed, thanks to trip wires and other techniques he learned about from Kakashi. Jack can cut up Hercules with all the Record Of Ragnarok elements.

Like Sasuke his eye complements the arsenal and helps him map Hercules’ movements. Jack is also able to perform the lightning cutter move, also known as the Chidori. Kakashi used this to turn his fist in a lightning-blade and stab enemies in the heart. This was his way to cut right through Rin, his love. Sasuke, though older, is more careful about the move. Jack uses a similar approach to the move, using his version as Record Of Ragnarok’s Season 2 finale against Hercules.

His blood is so powerful that it can turn any object into a weapon. So he lets himself be impaled so that the blood dries onto his hands. Jack then pushes Hercules’ fists into the demigod and nods to the Chidori’s Fatality. Hercules is impressed by this tactic. Jack wins the duel with an intelligence level equal to Sasuke’s.

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