Nintendo Switch Sports Passes Achieve Impressive Sales Milestone

Gematsu says that this sales graph accounts for physical games which are relevant to Nintendo Switch Sports because the physical version had a leg strap accessory. This accessory was initially used to play the 2019 Switch game Ring Fit Adventure. However, it has been adapted to be compatible with Soccer in Nintendo Switch Sports. Ring Fit Adventure sold well and was ranked 2nd among the best-selling Switch games in 2020 in Japan.

Many people felt that Nintendo Switch Sports failed to live up to the legacy of Wii Sports. It can be explained by the fact that it was released later in the Switch’s lifespan, and not having the same audience as a game that is bundled with a console. Or players having to wait several weeks to get golf added to Nintendo Switch Sports via an update. No matter how Nintendo Switch Sports was viewed, there is hope that Nintendo will continue to support this series.

Nintendo Switch Sports is now available for Switch.

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